How do I upload with Dreamweaver?

This information is courtesy of Dreamweaver users:
Once the site is created in Dreamweaver and ready for uploading, all you have to do is to upload it to the public_html directory on your account with FTP. You can initiate the FTP transfer directly through Dreamweaver. Setup the Remote Information for your site within Dreamweaver:
1. Choose Site > Edit Sites (or Define Sites)
2. Choose the site to be uploaded - Click Edit
3. If prompted, choose Advanced
4. In the Category list select Remote Info
5. Pull down the Access drop-down menu and choose FTP
6. In the FTP Host field type
7. In the Host Directory box type public_html/
8. In the Login field type your hosting account username
9. In the Password field type your account password
10. Check the "Save" box (leave the other boxes such as "Use Firewall", "Use Passive FTP" etc unchecked)
11. Click OK - Click Done

A Forum Post On Uploading Dreamweaver Created Websites:
In DWmx go to top tool bar; windows; server behaviors; site and a wizard appears, this will ask you for your domain name address, user name, passwd, mode and then where you want the pages placed, root, sub domain or a folder. Then it asks where you want your local files stored, ie desktop>mynewsite. It is straightforward for creating a html page. You can aslo set the time out, reconnect, load each change, load after site is complketew, load a back up etc.

Setting up ftp, asp, php etc pages is similar.

Having said all that, it is still eassier to connect manually thru ws_ftp or whatever. DW doing automagically is great but it does it at each save or when told to connect and slows DW down to a crawl and DW mx is a hog ( a nice hog) already. So, I personally don't use the connect feature. If doing it manually set up your local file folders as they will be on your server, ie assets folder, image folder, code folder etc., then your links will be correct when you load it. If DW does it for you all links will be correct as it will create folders for you on the remote ftp side.

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