I didn't upload yet - What are these files and folders in my account?

The first time you log in to your CPanel File Manager or FTP, you'll see some files and directories.

DO NOT DELETE OR RENAME any of these files or directories (except the default index.html or index.htm, when you're ready to upload your website). ALL the rest are automatically setup by the system and are needed for your account to function properly. Deleting or renaming any of them will cause fatal errors that can only be repaired by deleting and resetting your account. That willl cause you to experience DNS problems. DNS problems are not something that can be manually fixed, as they can only work themselves out in an unpredictable amount of time.

As you add features from your Control Panel, the system will automatically create other files or directories. ALL sub-directories and/or files created by the system are needed to make a particular function operate and SHOULD NOT BE DELETED OR ALTERED IN ANY WAY.

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